Monday, February 28, 2011

Mad Monday Update

Haven't had one of these for awhile but here is sort of the state of where I am at currently.

The Stupid Cold-  I am pretty sure it has been about 4 weeks now of dealing with the funk.  I hate it.  It is not horrible that I cannot do anything, just a general tightness in the lungs and the nasty drainage in the nose / throat which torments me constantly.  It never goes away, never gets better, just there and always annoying!

Some missed / shortened morning workouts - The primary workout time in my world is first thing in the morning.  Yet, due to stupid cold, several mornings I have slept in or overslept in the hopes of staying rested and hopefully getting rid of it someday!  (Usually these seem to be biking or swim mornings...go figure!)

All in all tho, no real complaints, except the general sickness and being ready for spring.  (Knocking on wood) the tibia has been feeling fine.  The coach specified Lydiard training has helped me to increase my run mileage without aggravation.

So the prior weekend was super fab as it was a 4 day one!
Friday morning run (6.5 miles) followed by an entire day of playing at Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park.  Saturday was Twinsburg East Side Cycling,  2 hour indoor cycling, 1650 yards in the pool followed by 5 mile easy jog.  Then it was off to the USAT rules seminar.
Sunday was a 16.7 mile hilly long run with sis (8:30ish pace) into the wind to my house from hers after a late night out.
Monday (off for Presidents Day!)was a 11.25 mile out and back run (8:30 first 30 min, 8:00 next 30minutes, 7:39 pace last 30 minutes), then 2000 meters in the pool
Tuesday was a shortened hard interval bike workout of ~16 miles and a evening 45 minute Extreme Conditioning Class
Wednesday, slept in through morning workout and ran 8.5 miles or so at lunch throwing in some strides at the end
Thursday, ended up as an OFF day as I was totally busy
Friday, another 8 mile run which was supposed to be more like 12 but I just kept getting interrupted and ran out of time (the issue of doing these at home!)
Saturday- East Side Cycling- 2 hours, 1650 in pool, 5.5 miles ran
Sunday - 19 miles ran with SERC incl 15 with sis (8:13 avg)  All in all, feeling good and it was way to easy.  I check my workout sheet and I was supposed to stick to 8:36 at fast end so I was too fast.

In general I am really good at getting all my runs in and have been feeling fantastic there.  I have been struggling on getting in my two quality workouts outside of Saturday morning on the bike.  Also not getting in as many swims as I should be.  Just having more motivation trouble there.

I guess this week, I am starting a new training block running so I am excited about that.  Nashville Mary will be 4/30 so that gives me 2 months to start to try to really lean out for the race.  As much as I would like to do well there, it is a B race as Triple T is one 3 weeks after it and it the focus of my early season training.

This weekend I will head south to AL to visit family and so my husband can do his thing.  I am hoping we will get some nice weather and I can run in shorts and ride my bike outside for awhile.  More than anything, I want this dumb cold to go away too!


Matty O said...

Judging by your volume I would say your cold has not affected you too much :)

Keep up the good work. The weather has not been nice to kick any colds, the up and down with the temp always gets me.

Mike said...

A tiny bit of the crazy side of my brain said I should go out for a training ride on Sunday night. Even though the weather was horrific, it was warm! Here's to NE Ohio training! :)