Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My flashy cute new Avia Bolt II's!

So two weeks ago or so, brown Santa brought me a present!

Like a kid on Xmas morning, I ripped it open to find some super sweet looking shoes from new Trakkers Sponsor, Avia!

So the first thing I did was take a picture, of course, and then toss them in my bag to try out on my morning run!

As I put them on my feet, I immediately was a fan of the heel tab to quickly pull on the shoes.  This should prove to be very helpful during triathlon transitions and they even came with cute little speed lacking with the locking lace toggle! 

Years ago I self diagnosed myself as overpronator and wore the heaviest stability shoes.  I am not sure how much my running style has changed over the last 7 years or so that I have been running but I am guessing I never needed all that stability and the more minimal, the better they seem to feel to me.  Yet, I want shoes to have enough to them that I can wear them in any distance and not worry about them not having enough support and leading to injury if I were to wear them on a longer run.

Day 1 they were put to the test.  I hopped onto the treadmill for my 2 hour aerobic run.  The shoes felt very good right out of the gate with some cushion but overall a nice lightweight feel.   As I cruised through a nice moderate 14 mile run, I had no issues whatsoever with my shoes and at the end was very pleased with the first test run.

As I wrapped up my run, I went over to the stretching machine and stretched out just checking out the look of the shoes.  I am forever a girly girl and I just love the look of these shoes.  I love the red, pink and black look….SUPER CUTE!  I even like the little pirate on the inside when I take them off.

Overall I am very satisfied with these shoes.  They must be quite cute as I have had lots of people asking me about my shoes when I have worn them, what kind they were, and where they could get them!

I have since worn them out on the roads for several runs with no issue except right now I have managed to get them a wee bit muddy on a dark early morning run.  Booo!  Guess I might have to try to rinse off the lil things!  


Matty O said...

I have seen a bunch of other Trakkers people posting on them... does the high heel rub at all on the run? I would be afraid of chaffing on the back of my achilles!

Glad you get to have LOUD shoes :) Everyone keeps staring at mine whenever I wear them now.

Janet Edwards said...

Matt, I have never had a heel rub issue! Loud shoes rule!!!

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Nice review Janet! Trying the Avi Lite III's right now and they are really comfortable and quite light for trainers!