Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park

Guess who is officially a season pass holder at Rays this year!!!

Well if you guess Miss Daisy, you would be correct!

Hells yeah, I am so excited!

And did I mention how much they changed since last year?

Check out the new Rhythm Room here!

We usually go Fridays with our crue and follow it up with dinner and drinks at either Texas Roadhouse or Rocknes off Ridge and 480! Yes, it is a good way to spend a Friday night!

I went for the first time this season on CAMBA night the Friday before last. I was trying to behave and not ride much and just snap a bunch of pics with my friends. I did manage to crash on the descending teeter totters off the Mongoose platform and took a mean handlebar to the quad.

And yes, I felt that on my run the next day and thought I would feel it the entire marathon Sunday but luckily that was not an issue!

This past Friday I got to go there and not really worry about things too much. And yes, I am still no bad arse like the tricksters I see flying into the rafters but by the end of the night some skillz from last year started to resurface. Did I mention how much I love the jump lines and pump track???

If you have not been there yet, you need to check it out.

Unfortunately, the husband did manage to crash good last Friday. He went off one of the platforms in the new Rhythm Room and thought there was a ramp but it was just a 4 foot drop off...managed to hit both knees, both elbows, his chest, his nose and his chin. Good thing for helmets!

While I have a few bruises between West Branch Sunday and Rays Friday (both this week and last week) I think it is my bike that is the most upset. I use the same bike (my Cannondale Mtn Bike)for both Rays and outdoor mountain biking and I just switch out the tires and pedals. Right now I have a broken mtn bike pedal, a wore out front break, a blown front fork, a severely bent rear derailler and could really use some new mtn bike outside tires. I see another visit to Bike Authority in the near future!

If you are interested in joining us watch my facebook status (as I usually post a heads up) or shoot me a note and I will add you to the text that we usually send out a day or two before riding!

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solarsquirrel said...

OMG!!!! Ray's looks soooooo fun! That rythum room beginner course has my name on it!