Monday, October 26, 2009

Dog Tired

So after all the marathon celebrations Sunday, I awoke Monday morning feeling like I wanted to trade places with my dog all day and just lay on the couch, but work called and I dragged my tired butt out of bed.

My calves were tight as can be and I literally lifted the left leg out of bed on account of my sore ITB. Going down the stairs was painful and I was walking like an old lady.

Lunch time rolled around and I decided that perhaps some active recovery would do me well. Yet, the walk to the gym seemed like enough exercise that day. I figured I would get on the treadmill and make sure I did not go any faster than 6.5. Yet as I limped my way up to 6.0, I decided it was fast enough.

After 1.3 miles, 13 minutes later, I decided that was enough and plopped my butt on the floor to stretch. Followed that up with another 10 minutes of easy riding on the recumbent bike and some more stretching. Aghh, I felt so much better on that walk back to the office. Yet, about an hour later after sitting at the desk, I could feel everything tighten back up.

Tuesday, after a wonderful 1000 M swim, I visited Dr. Keyes for some TLC (er torture) on the nagging ITB and piriformis (stupid left leg). I thought everything was hunky dory with the ITB until Saturday's trail run when it just resurfaced 7 miles in.

Ended up feeling pretty sore until Wednesday but all feels pretty good as I sit here and type eight days later.

I am now starting work with a coach (SO EXCITED) and I am on strict orders to take it easy and watch the HR while running. I ran 6 miles Thursday trying to keep the HR under 150. This started off easy and I was just under 9 min mile pace but I ended up slowing to a 9:30ish pace to stay under that desired HR level.

All and all, a pretty relaxing week and it was a nice change of pace. It was sooo hard to not be out doing a bunch of running with the gorgeous weather last week!

M 10/19 - 1.3 Miles Treadmill Run(13 minutes), 10 minutes Stationary Bike, stretching
T 10/20 - 1000 M Swim
W 10/21 - 25 M Road Bike Ride (too nice not to get out for a little bit!)
R 10/22 - 6 mile EZ run with CV
F 10/23 - ~10 miles on Mtn Bike ---HIT RAYS INDOOR MTN BIKE PARK!!! oh I've missed riding here!
S 10/24 - 9 mile trail / towpath run
S 10/25 - 10.5 mile mtn bike at West Branch

Ran -16.3 Miles
Mtn Bike- 20 Miles
Rd Bike - 25 Miles
Swam - 1000 M

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