Friday, October 30, 2009

Looking ahead


So with Columbus behind me I am pretty much shutting the racing down for the year.

That is not to say, I will not still do the Pigskin 5 K Run (in Red of course, go Bucks!) and probably the Cleveland 5 Mile Turkey Trot (got earn my 2 dinners somehow), but I will not race them and will be trying to keep the heart rate down. It is going to be weird to just run them for fun and I think I will enjoy just running with some friends and not taking them so seriously!

A couple things are in the works at the moment.

First, I have not had a break in forever. I am not really taking a break but definitely easing off the running speedwork for a period to let the body recover.

Second, I AM STARTING WORK WITH A COACH! I cannot wait to try a structured plan instead of the classic daisy wing it approach! In working with coach MG, he is starting me on the Maffetone Method where the goal is to train slower to go faster. For the time being I am trying to keep my heart rate to a cap of 150 when running. For now that means a 150 max puts me about 9 min miles which makes running with my typical friends and groups hard as they generally clip along faster. Yet, it is a temporary thing and I am looking for long term results so I am doing my best to stay the course.

Running is really the only area where I am trying to reign it in. For now biking as much as I want on both the road and mtn bike, lifting weights a lot more and trying to get my butt in the pool as much as possible (or at least that is the goal starting next week as this week is not looking good there!)

So what is on tap for next year you may ask????

Someone is going to do their first ever full distance triathlon!!! 140.6, here I come! 2010 will be focused around the Rev 3 Series which includes-

• Knoxville Olympic. Knoxville, TN - May 8 & 9
• Quassy half Irondistance. Middlebury, CT – June 5 & 6
• Cedar Point full Irondistance. Sandusky, OH – September 11 & 12

I will be doing some other endurance events but they will be treated more as training events to get ready for the REV 3 Series. This will include January's Run For Regis 50K Run, Nashville Country Music Marathon, Mohican 100K Mountain Bike and likely some fall marathon (probably Columbus). Other than that I will probably race some local Sprint and Olympic tris to work on speedwork to prepare for the targetted races.

2010 is going to be one heck of a year and I can't wait!
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Jamie said...

Very cool. I'll at least be at one or two of Rev3 events. Definitely Quassy.

Doing the whole series should make for a cool year-long competition.

Kate said...

Very cool! I have enjoyed the Maffetone method- however, I'm not sure if it works that well if you're raising your HR in other disciplines?

DaisyDuc said...

Kate...not sure. I am pretty sure the strict maffetone people would agree with you. I am just going with what I am told so we shall see. I am guessing that part of the intent is to ensure that I recover and avoid injury as much as anything else (have been dealing with nagging piriformis issues for a long time now)