Monday, May 11, 2009

Mad Monday 5/11

No time today, lots of work piling up, so it will be brief!

After the marathon last Sunday---

Monday 5/4- Easy Bicycle Ride-11 Miles to spin out legs
Tues 5/5 - Noon- Upper Body / Core workout, Run for the Border Run-3.5 Miles (sore legs, but a whole lotta fun)
Wed 5/6 - 6 Miles at lunch with CV and E
Thurs 5/7 - 1000 M Swim, 8 miles at NC Ran
Fri 5/8 - Core / Upper Body Weight Training
Sat 5/9 - Off, spent the day riding 450 Miles on Motorcycle down to Hocking Hills area
Sun 5/10 - Ran 10.5 Miles, Biked 49 Miles

Core / Weights - 2 Sessions
Swam - 1000 M
Biked - 60 Miles
Ran - 28 Miles

Other than that, had a great night out Friday with the girls at House of Blues seeing Mega 80's!


duchossois said...

You didn't mention how you're feeling after Pittsburgh. You must be OK then, right?

DaisyDuc said...

Yeah I had some sore legs right after and early on in the week, but did not run Friday or Saturday and by yesterday they felt all back to normal and pretty darn good.

Kim said...


solarsquirrel said...

Look how BUFF you are!!! Your arms look awesome in that pic!