Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Delayed Monday Report

Totally have been slammed with work. After a lackluster week of training two weeks ago (in which I was distracted by a wedding as well cleveland marathon & parties), this week focus had shifted over to the bike.

West Branch mountain bike trails opened and I managed to get in three days there and have plenty of bruises to prove it and poison ivy again already!

Monday 5/18- noon - 6 Miles on treadmill, did track workout
- eve - 10.5 Miles at West Branch Mtn Biking
Tuesday 5/19 - am 6.5 Miles Ran
- noon - Core / Weight Training
- eve - 20 Miles road biked
Wednesday 5/20 - 7 Miles Ran at lunch
- eve - 10.5 Miles at West Branch Mtn Biking
Thursday 5/21 - off
Friday 5/22 - 7.75 Miles Ran at lunch to Edgewater
- eve - 10.5 Miles at West Branch Mtn Biking
Saturday 5/23 - 50 Miles Biked at GCT Training Session
Sunday 5/24 - off (motorcycling)
Monday 5/25 - 43 Miles Biked, 7 Miles Ran

The Mohican 100K Mountain Bike Race is this Saturday and I officially signed up yesterday! Planning to taper some this week and cross my fingers that all goes well for this race which in all honesty could have trained a lot better for!

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solarsquirrel said...

You're going to do AWESOME at the mtn. bike race. Can't wait to hear about it!