Friday, May 01, 2009

It's Friday!

I should be working but I am sort of distracted because marathon weekend is here. I have a bunch of last minute stuff to do sometime before I leave like laundry, packing, pick up inhaler at the pharmacy (my old one went mia) and several other things.

All and all I feel pretty good. So we will see how it goes! Forecast looks promising. The course is fairly level for the first 12 miles. At that point it climbs 200 feet, over the next 2 miles, before it levels off. The last 4 .5 miles of the course area is a net downgrade.

Past Marathons have went as such-

1. 1998 Columbus - 1st mary! Best guess -4:38? Ran with TriShannon!
2. 10/16/06 - Columbus - 4:17:56 -Marathon plagued with IT issues and bathroom stops
3. 5/20/07 - Cleveland - 3:38:32 - First BQ!
4. 10/17/07 - Chicago- 5:21:36 - Ran with cousin for her 1st mary in 90+ degrees
5. 4/21/08 - Boston - 4:17:40 - Ran for fun
6. 5/18/08 - Cleveland - 4:29:44 - HR issues, fell apart second half
7. 10/12/08- Towpath Mary - 3:37:39 - Ran with Aime, even splits had fun, goal only to BQ

So this one is officially number 8! Only got to go under 3:37 to PR. So my plan is to go out at 3:30 pace (8:00 min miles). I will re-evaluate at half and hopefully will run a nice negative split. My goal is to pick it up and finish a little closer to 3:25 or so. So we shall see!

Oh to answer Beth's question, the new car is a Honda Fit. I wanted something reliable, affordable, good on gas and that I could fit all my crap in easily and this one checked all the boxes. Plus I already got it filled to the gills and all my fun accessories hooked up like my ipod (luv the direct plug in the car offers) and satellite radio! I am averaging 37 mpg and can fit mad junk in the hatch back. I got it in red, of course to match my other girl!


Brian said...

good luck in pitts. should be decent racing weather. no pics of the other new purchase?

Mike said...

Good luck this weekend and like the new ride!!!

Joann said...

Good luck at the marathon this weekend!!!

duchossois said...

Have a great race in Pittsburgh! Hey, the new car looks too cool.

duchossois said...

Have a great race in Pittsburgh! And I love the new Honda Fit.

solarsquirrel said...