Monday, July 07, 2008

Mad Monday Update 7/7

Well hope all of you had a wonderful 4th! I did, thanks due in no small part to some fantastic weather!!!! YEAH!

So coming off last Sunday's 20 miler, the week went as such-

M 6/30 lunch-6 miles Ran at with downtown girls, short UBWO
T 7/1 6AM -20 Miles Biked (hills off River Rd)
lunch -6.5 miles Ran with E (hill repeats)
W 7/2 (Enjoying my sunshine!!) 8.5 Miles Ran lunch, 10 Miles Mtn Biked out at West Branch. It was Amie's first time and boy did we get a little much so, that we went down to the lake so her bike could go swimmming to get some of the dirt off!

R 7/3 -Rest day...dead legs
F 7/4 -3 Miles Ran
S 7/5 -21 Miles Ran (4.5 on towpath, 16.5 on BT). Although I was tired I still managed the energy to play quite a bit of volleyball that day!
S 7/6- 80 Miles Biked with Cleveland Touring Club on Emerald Bracelet. Really felt good all day and enjoyed myself!

Weekly totals-

Ran - 45 Miles
Biked- 110 Miles (100 road, 10 mtn)
Swam -0
Core -1 short session

Random thoughts-
*Mtn Biking Miles on the trails should actually count 3 times with respect to the time it takes.
*Fell on the Buckeye Trail running for the second week in a row
*Between my trail running and mountain biking, I am always looking beat up!
*Got stung by a bee on the side of my right knee while cleaning gutters on the roof. It is red hard and swollen (still on Monday) and it hurt every right step of my 21 mile trail run.
*I am an itchy mess between poison ivy, mosquito bites (I must taste good cause bugs love me)and now the bee sting!
*Got called a party pooper for leaving July 5th bash early, but Sunday's ride easily made up for it!

Bonus--I got up today early for a 1550 yd swim in outdoor pool at the JCC. First swim in awhile, yet it was so awesome to just be outside doing it! Maybe I can make this a habit!


Brian said...

That´s quite a bit of miles. Since I´m out of running for a while maybe we´ll bike sometime. Not sure if I can hang with you with all the miles you´re putting in.

solarsquirrel said...

80 miles!!!???!!! Incredible. You are seriously too tough!

Sensationally Red said...

Did you get the poison ivy on the Buckeye Trail? It's a miracle I haven't gotten it yet. Lucky with he bugs...too rotten. Sorry we missed you out there. You are one active girl...oh my...all that biking too!

duchossois said...

Great week...lots of miles and lots of fun.

Mallie said...

You need to start showing off any bruises and scrapes from your MTB adventures. Rock on!

triguyjt said...


.are you piling on the!!

bitten by bees, daisy battles on....don't you love those outdoor pool swims....

marathon mommy said...

I think I ran into you on the BT Saturday. My husband and I were hiking with our two boys in backpacks. I saw you guys running and was totally jealous! I can't wait until I am back to trail running. Best wishes with your training!