Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mad Monday Update 7/14

M 7/7 AM -1550 yd swim in outdoor pool at JCC
noon-3 mile run (ladders), Upper Body Workout
PM-9 miles West Branch on Mountain Bike

T 7/8 noon- 6 mile run on treadmill---BORING!

W 7/9 noon-8.25 m run with E (400, 800, 800) HOT!

R 7/10 noon -5.75 m run with the gals!
eve-20 mile bike

F 7/11 62 mile bike ...first 42 miles I held my own well, then really felt like I was pushing way out of my comfort zone to keep up with GV & TR (crazy hardcore ironmen!) on the hills out by Brecksville and was quite tuckered out by the end

10 miles West Branch
Poor hubby went down & took a bad spill over a log pile and partially down the hill. He managed to get his leg caught between the handlebars and the frame. More carnage to both him and the bike--him, bruises and scrapes on the legs, Bike-tweaked his handlebars, bent his front rim

S 7/12 11.25 mile run-which included the Muddy Paws Trail Run

I had planned to run 15, but I knew my quads were wasted with my first step of the warm up. It was awesome to see so many doggies out at the race and it took all my self restraint not to let the lil kid in me walk around and try to pet all of them (well so I did rub a few heads!!!)

The first 3 miles I kept with Squirrel but every up and every down my quads screamed and finally I decided to ease off, after all I was planning to run this as a training run, not a race. It was humid and I was drenched and ready to call it a day at 5 miles (where we came around from loop one and half the racers were lucky to be done as they were doing the 5 mile race) with my wooped legs but pushed on. The second loop was definitely slower. I felt pretty good on the flats, but let me tell ya, there was not a lot of them! Finally the race was over and me and my dead legs were both glad to be done! Glad I toughed it out as by some miracle I still got a 2nd place AG award which was a choice of a bag or a shirt (SWEET!!!)

S 7/13 42 mile bike
6 mile run

Met BH and MN up at Mentor and we rode the GCT course before heading over to meet TZ for some miles. It was raining when we started and while I was dreading it, it ended up making for some comical relief as I doused BH the first half of the ride and she complained about me not having a fender. Later after it quit raining she was trying to hit all puddles to pay me back. It was a fun morning with lots of laughs and although my legs were not quite recovered from the prior 2 days, they were coming around and felt pretty good on the run.

Now this week I will be keeping everything easy and backing it down quite a bit to rest up for the 50K Saturday...!

Weekly Totals-
Swim -1550 Yards
Ran-40.25 Miles
Biked-143 Miles (124 road, 19 mountain bike trails)
Core -1 session


E-Speed said...

Girl, you are a freaking beast! Take it easy this week! Thats an order ;)

tracie said...

great job with the workouts this week!

thanks again for sunday! :)

Sensationally Red said...

Yes! Take it easy this week. I've done the Muddy Paws for the last two years, but missed this year and everybody was there! It was so awful hot. Even dog tired, you get second in your're an animal! See you Saturday. Let's drink beer when we're done! If you can wait a few hours for me to catch up! LOL!

Brian said...

Dang you are kicking some butt. No way will I be able to hang with you on the century ride coming up. Maybe you can stand on the bike more to give me some motivation to hang close behind. ha

Bob said...

See you out there on Saturday . . . you'll probably be leaping over my body on the return to Oak Grove! LOL!!!

solarsquirrel said...

Whoa!!! Your mileage is out of control!!! YOU SERIOUSLY ROCK!
Can't wait to cheer you on at the 50k! You are going to do great!

CJ said...

Nice job in the race, especially after all the biking the day before!

Hope you really are taking it easy this week! In case I don't see you before Saturday....good luck in the 50k!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job!!

Nice photos!!

And GREAT totals!!!

Mallie said...

You're a machine. I know I've said it a million times, but sheesh. You do realize how slack ad lazy you make the rest of us look, right? :)