Monday, June 30, 2008

Mad Monday Update 6/30/08

Well another week down and things are starting to feel like they are coming around a bit!

Monday 6/23 Rest

Tues 6/24 6AM -20 Miles Road Bike
lunch -6 miles Ran with the girls
6PM-30 Miles Mountain Biked on Road with Hubby

Wed 6/25 5 Mile Track w/o 1 mile repeats on treadmill...I hate these!

Thurs 6/26 7.75 Mile Run to Edgewater with E

Fri 6/27 AM 3.5 M Run ---feeling sore so kept it easy and short
PM 5 Miles Mountain Bike on Road before hubby tire blowout

Sat 6/28 15 Mile Mountain Bike on Road to Garrettsville Tractor Parade (This one deserves a post all on its own...gotta love the hillbilly town where my husband and I grew up! Let me tell ya how many times I shook my head as I watched the tractors roll down the town streets!)

Sunday 6/29 19.25 Mile Buckeye Trail Run--actuallu felt pretty good the whole way

Run 41.5 (finally over to keep moving up and not injured!
Bike 70 (20 road/50 mtn bike)

Pics from Run compliments of Chef Bill. It was quite a large group!

PS, can it quit raining already to dry out the muddy trails (for both mtn biking and running!)???


TrainingtoTri said...

Wow sounds like an awesome week. So glad to see you and the hub biking together so much!

duchossois said...

That was a good week for you. I need to see photos of the tractor parade.

Chef Bill Bailey said...

I sent this picture to Grandma Rucci in Italy. Vincenzo is in trouble!

Chef Bill