Monday, June 23, 2008

Mad Monday Update 6/23

After the 70 miles Sunday 6/15, my groin / hip flexor on my right side (which is my good side) was aggravated. So I kept things pretty easy M & T. I think when I try to attack hills on my road bike I really have a habit of pulling my pedals up pretty hard which causes my hip flexors to flare up.

So the week went as such.

M 6/16 6 Miles with the lunch girls
T 6/17 5.5 Miles with the Laura & friend (swarmed by muckleheads, one of which died in my sweaty sports bra-ewww!!!)
W 6/18 9 mile Run (1:14~8:14 pace)
R 6/19 30 Mile Road Bike Ride with allanjel AM, 9 mile Mountain Bike Ride at West Branch (2 hours)
F 6/20 14 mile Run (hot day about 5 PM and did and out and back from Mantua to Gville thinking I could hit the drinking fountain and take a gel at midpoint...but drinking fountain broken and that really bummed me out. Ughhh, guess I should have brought my own water.
S 6/21 5 mile road bike...testing out new tires (which somehow flatted twice overnight and before I took it out that day)

I had meant to do the Ohio City 5K that night but severe weather warnings were everywhere, so I decided to take it easy and get a nice dinner and to bed early for...

S 6/22 Summi Tri (400 yd swim~10 min with transition, 11ish mile bike(went wrong way and had to unclip and walk around gate gaining some extra mileage) ~37 min with transition, 5 K Run ~22ish) for a total of ~1:11.

My non-swimming butt still managed to nab first in my AG (which was the best I could do since I did not register as an elite. I am not sure where that put me overall among women. I actually felt pretty good and probably should have pushed a little harder than I did. My swim totally stunk (not a huge surprise since I have only swam about 1000 yards once a month). I really think that my time does not give e justice as I think I swam well over 400 yards with my zig-zagging!!!

All and all, it was fun to do a tri again. I only did one last year (GCT half). This race is well run (my off course jaunt that a group of us done was caused by a ranger that left post to let van in somewhere---only so much you can control) and it was so much fun to see so many familiar faces out there!!!

This week I want to focus on getting back to lengthening out the training sessions and adding some volume and focused training.

Ran-38 Miles
Biked-50 Miles (9 mtn, 41 road)
Swam-400 yds +++!


allanjel said...

Figures you would be able to go off course on the bike, zig-zag on the swim and still beat everybody ;) Great Job!!

duchossois said...

Congrats on the age group first. Sounds like a good week. I was hoping to see you at Lock 29 on Saturday, we only had three show up.

TrainingtoTri said...

Nice job on that first place!!!!

triguyjt said...

props daisy on the a.g. first place.....

enjoy the summer

Tkebp1287 said...

Congratulations on the fist place finish!

Here's a good/quick video with some stretches for your hip flexor if it is giving you some trouble. You can do some of these and hopefully loosen it up for your workouts:


Brian said...

It must have been the bad zipping of the wetsuit that threw off your swimming. ha

Next time try drafting to make up the time.

Mallie said...

Hey girlie! Any time you want some MTB tips, gimme a holler! Sounds like you're as busy as always and showing the racing crew how to get it done!

August said...

HI! I found your blog doing a search on the Ohio City Run and Crawl. I waited it out and ended up running it in my best time.

Glad to find a fellow Ohio running blogger!