Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Never a dull moment!

Thursday night friends were in town and the night got very late...especially for me who is in bed typically before we even left to go to the local bar! So I took Friday off from working out!

Saturday I mapped out a 50 mile route on my bicycle. I have gotten so accustomed to having company for rides longer than 25 miles that I was not really looking forward to it. However a couple miles in and I was having a good time. However, I ended up on a rough road which jarred the bike so bad that my computer would not register. Grrr! It has not been working lately and I had just finally got it to finally start working before I left. It had only worked for 7.1 miles and despite my best efforts I finally conceded defeat and continued on with my ride. I so badly wanted to see my speed and mileage. The miles flew by and after a brief pitstop to see my little nieces I arrived home feeling good after yet another windy ride.

After a quick shower I hopped on my motorcyle and the hubby and I rolled our motorcyles through the gorgeous valley and had lunch at Gasoline Alley, a very cute restaurant / bar out in Bath area. My butt was tired that night for sitting on it for so long!

Sunday, I woke up early to go meet my ole running buddy for our first long run for the fall training season. On the FURMAN FIRST advanced schedule I have been following, I was already up to 20 miles. So I went out early to get in 6 before I met Bob for the plannned 14. As usual I was running a little late and was intent on getting it all in. So, I quickly set out on the towpath at a pace just under 8 minute miles. Although it was relatively cool, it felt so humid and I was sweating my butt off in no time. Before long I was back to the start just soaking wet from sweat and met my partner. We kept a very easy pace and took lots of water breaks. The towpath was soooo crowded, not at all like our winter training runs where we rarely saw others out there. I don't know how many times we had to fall in single file and the dust from the bicycles was blowing around us on the dry humid morning. Finally we arrived back to the start and we stretched as we tried to quit sweating!

First 20 of 5 down!!! The thing though is, I really don't need to train so hard this time around for my fall marathon as I will be running with my cousin at whatever pace is comfortable for her. So while I am following the training plan for fitness, I am allowing myself some flexibility with it as it is definitely overkill for the pace I will be running. At any rate, I am really looking forward to experiencing the marathon with the goal only of supporting my girl through 26.2 miles!

The rest of Sunday I went to my sisters to veg by the pool as I switched between my raft, the water and the lounge chair. Now that is a perfect way to spend a day after a 20 miler!!! Nice and relaxing!!! Oh I love this weather!!! Summer is my time!

Monday, I met with a swim coach for some tips!!!! Yes folks, I actually might put a little focus on my swim!!! It is amazing how the smallest things can make such a difference in the way things feel. Here are some take away points for me-

1) The thing that seemed to make the biggest difference was consciously pushing my head to chest further down in the water to bring up my tail end.

2) I also keep my arms very rigid typically so she had my loosen things up and think about putting my arms in to a shirt sleeve.

3) I need to work on not turning my head so far...only one eye coming out of the water.

4) Must focus on quality swim sessions...not just straight sets. Straight kicking with fins or kickboard would be good for me.

5) Must get in more time and yards.

So I will be trying to focus on this!!!

Tuesday did a short track workout on the treadmill (running late again!!). Consisted of warm-up, 3X1600's with 1 minute recoveries and a short cooldown. Only 5 miles total, although I had hoped to get in closer to 7 on the day.

Slept in Wedneday morning as I was sleepy but hopefully I will get in some quality training later today!


TriSaraTops said...

Swimming's crazy like that...the smallest little changes in your form can make a HUGE difference in your outcome. I'm sure with a little guidance it will click in no time! :) Way to get out there!

Good to see ya on Monday! We still on for tomorrow?

Mallie said...

I'm very happy that you're loving the new job, but I'm sad that I only get to ready your blog once a week lately! Sob. Sniffle. ;)

TriShannon said...

5 20 milers? Crazy!!

You should have seen the first time I went swimming with Sara. She took off and I was left wondering what I really should be doing. Did one lap and had to stop. It is quite humorous looking back on it now.

B Bop said...

If you put in the time you'll see results, just like your run & bike. Actually, I'd be willing to bet improvements will come much quicker since swimming is so new to you. The coach should help....this swimming thing is so technical ;-)

You should've seen me trying to swim last fall when I started. Good thing my first length was only 25M because I barely made it! My opinion.....not important to be fast in the swim so long as you are efficient. The bike and run is where it's at :-)