Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Track workout, take 3!

Yesterday did a lunch time run comprised of a 5 K at an 8:33 pace. Then in the evening I headed out to Independence for the Southeast Running Club track workout. It was my third track work out of the year. My last track workout I did by myself and I can tell from my times that I must not push myself nearly as hard when I do track workouts by myself. Last night at the track I felt extremely winded, my lungs & chest hurt, and I was exhausted...but this has been the case with every track workout so far so I kind of am beginning to expect this. Again I was the slowest person there...but I was there so I will take some credit for that! Liz lead the workout and as usual, she helped push me along. Thank you Liz! I must admit I stole the log setup from her so I would not have to retype things and adjusted as appropriate with my slower times and missed 800.

My Log for the night:

2 mile warm up
1 mile cool down

walked most of the recoveries tonight so total mileage 6.75 but probably only "ran" around 6.0 miles


1:37.92 tummy ached & slowed a bit before leaping fence to hit library bathroom (dang last night's Mexican dinner wanting out right then)

Skipped an 800 with the group



All in all, I felt tired but was pleased to see consistently lower times which I think was only possible due to the slow recoveries. I definitely plan to complete 1 track workout per week going forward to try to help my speed. Furthermore I have decided to do the FIRST marathon training program (thanks to Lou) for my Columbus fall marathon and track workouts are a part of the plan.

Total distance for the day 9.75 miles

Monday I did manage to get in a swim of 1650 yards but sadly I skipped my bike workout on account of those storms that rolled through. Yeah, total slacker again because if I would have just waited an hour or two instead of going out for Mexican I could have got it in...but the hubby insisted that Mexican sounded way better and it did!

Today I have the afternoon off to train with a friend so I am looking forward to it...more on that at another time!


Michele said...

Super Speedy!

Are you getting excited about your frist ever Tri coming up this weekend??? Good luck. Can't wait for the report.

Running Rabbit said...

Great job! Awww....afternoons jealous!

E-Speed said...

you're going to rock the tri this weekend!!!

Lana said...

My gosh, you are fast! If I were to show up at your track workouts you would no longer be the last one....

That's an awesome workout - great job!

Mojo said...

Wow, those are some fast 400's woman! I did 8x400/60 sec rest tonight. My 400 times were always 1:45. Track workouts are tough!

No wonder you win all those duathlons! You are a road runner!

qcmier said...

Nice job out there yesterday.

It's always nice to do track workouts with others, even if you're doing something different.

BuckeyeRunner said...

GREAT track workout!! That is a long workout. Just a few intervals on the oval for me, and I am dead! I'm getting there, though...

My husband did the FIRST method for Cleveland this year, and PRd. His PR in '97 was 3:58, and this year his time was 3:38. He swears by it, and the speed work and tempo runs. Look forward to hear what you think.

BuckeyeRunner said...

Good luck on your tri this weekend!!!