Monday, June 19, 2006


I was a total slacker the last two days! Saturday was the planned day off and before I could exercise on Sunday I just had to get the upstairs picked up including major laundry that needed done, last week's that still needed put away, and let's just say before I knew it, it was time for the day's activities and an unplanned day off! Strange, I feel like such a slacker after two days in a row has been quite some time since this has happened!

But alas Monday has arrived and I already hit the pool bright and early to start the week off right. Upon arrival at the gym, I took a look at the dark pool. That was strange as I thought that perhaps there was lightning in the area that I was unaware of (as it was raining outside). Noooo! I really need this swim after my last bad session on Thursday. Well, there was no sign about a lightning closure so I went to ask the worker. It turns out I could swim but they could not turn the lights on because for some reason they did not have the key to the utility room where the lights were. They apologized and I said with a smile that it would not bother me at all. I was just happy I would be able to get my swim in. I was worried with slacking in this department that my form was totally off.

As I eased into the dark pool day light was peaking in the windows and the dim lighting was actually to my liking this morning as I swam alone in the pool. Although I plan to work on bilateral breathing, I reverted back to breathing on the even counts and felt my rhythm (might not be that great...but at least it is what has been working for me) seem to come back....thank goodness. I was not sure after Thursday and I really needed a confidence builder for my first tri coming up this Sunday.

The quickie weekend recap...Friday the BBQ and bonfire was a hit. Lots of food & beer were consumed with many friends!

Saturday I awoke to pick up the house a bit. We ran around picking up things and meeting friends at the motocycle dealership and for lunch and then we had to get ready for a wedding. The wedding was very nice and my sis was in it. I missed the best picture of the night which was my sis and dad comparing bellies, but my sis sure looked cute, belly and all in her bridesmaid dress! We left the reception a bit early to do some more running around (last minute father's day shopping) and called it a night after some Cold Stone (not that I really needed that after the wedding cake but ....)

Sunday was a ton of running around visting husband's parents and our friends with cute 5 month old baby. Mom is 6 ft, dad is 6 ft 5in, so this baby is growing fast! Then we headed to my sister's place for a bbq with the family.

Felt like a total slacker over the weekend, but sure enjoyed getting to spend so much time with family and friends! It is a recovery week this week, so we'll just say I was easing in to it!


trifrog said...

Not slacking - recovering. There's science behind training, but the art comes in when knowing how your body feels and fitting it in around the other important aspects of your life.

So your rest week started a couple days early. If you feel good at the end of the week, consider the rest complete and have a great race.

Lana said...

Sometimes those kinds of weekends can do alot of good for ya - makes you hungry to get back at it.

You are gonna do great in your Tri - I can't wait to hear all about it!

Curly Su said...

it's important to chill sometimes, you know? glad you had a good weekend...

Running Rabbit said...

Isn't being a slacker fun though?!?! Don't be so hard on yourself.

Your sister is too flippin cute!!!!!!!!! I love seeing little ladies with these big tummies! I hope she isn't too uncomfortable! Great pics!

Mojo said...

We need those family and fun times to make training exciting too. When I get to the point that I'm not looking forwarding to working out, I know I need a break. Sounds like you had a great weekend!

I'm really excited for your first tri of the season, I know you'll do great!

E-Speed said...

did you play sharks and minnows in the pool ;) Good luck on the tri!

GoBrooksGo said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Good luck on your first tri. You are going to be awesome.

Michele said...

Good luck on the Tri