Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Final Sunday in June Tidbits

A few statistics from Sunday in June ride 2006.

Total Registration: 600 with only 25 no-shows
Volunteers: On site adults 295
T-shirts: ~ 130 purchased entire order used or sold!
More than a mile of elevation gain on the century route!
Elevation climb on 62 mile route: just over 3000 feet

Quite a well-run event! Thanks Cleveland Touring Club and all volunteers!

Training for 7/13 (scheduled 77 min run, completed 91 min for a total of 10.5 miles)--trying to catch up on my running time today.
5:50 AM - 6 miles at 8:33/Mile pace, ab workout
noon- track workout 40 minutes 0.75 M warmup, (4) 800's with 400 recovery (ok, these aren't fast but it is today's second workout), 0.75 M cooldown
800 #1 3:39, 800 #2 3:41, #3 3:50, #4 3:36
Notes: Well I was tired and sweating good. Speed work really kicks my butt and is new to me...but trying to work on it. There was a poor lawnmower dude who had to wait on me several times as he was trying to mow the inside of the track as I ran.

Tonight will be my first Lake Erie open water swim which I will be doing with the Clev Tri Club and my first time in my wetsuit. Hope it goes smoothly...always get nervous about something totally new and out of my comfort zone.


trifrog said...

I thought the feeling of being a superhero would go away once I got used to wearing a wetsuit; but it hasn't.

Now if a cape was just a little more hydrodynamic...

Kim said...

how did the open water swim go?! i LOOOOOVE my wetsuit, i feel so supermodelisque thin in it! :)

Lana said...

Good luck in Lake Erie! I loved my wetsuit so much I wish I could wear it in the pool!!!!