Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Warming up out there!! Woohoo!

If only I could be outside to enjoy it!

Valentines Day was a fun evening! Joey helped me in the kitchen and our surf and turf kicked butt and the cheesecake factory cheesecake was oh-so-delicious. Perhaps I will try again to buckle back down on what I am eating! Why is that so much easier said than done???

Today hit the gym at 6 AM and did a 4 mile, 32 minute run and then did a short leg workout. Currently planning lunch out with some friends so again I will be skipping my lunch time run. Perhaps I will be able to fit something in later to try to work off more of that Adam's peanut butter cup fudge ripple cheesecake(best ever!!)!

Well back to work, trying stay on top of things for a change....

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E-Speed said...

It was very cool to meet you. Thanks for running with us this morning! I hope you had a good time!