Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday :-(

The weekends go by way too fast! Friday night was fun with all the family. Saturday morning, Carol and I ran in the Dirty Dog 10K trail run down at Mosquito Lake. It was such a nice course and although it was a cold morning, there was not any wind so it did not feel bad. I ran the first half of the race with Carol and then tried to pick up the pace the last half. Then we went out for some breakfast at Mary Yoders and most likely ate more calories than we had ran off. Oh well, it was a fun morning.

Saturday night we had some pals come over for food, beers, cards, and ping pong which was a kick arse-good time, but I sure felt pretty lazy Sunday and took a whole day off from exercising (it has been a long time!).

Back to the grind today. Made it to the gym this morning and even trotted through the snowy sidewalks on my lunch break. 24 tonight, go Jack!

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TriSaraTops said...

Look how cute you guys are!!! :) Mondays blow.....but next week is a 4 day week for me, yay!