Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ponderous man, really ponderous!

I think everyone should have hobbies or something they collect because it is way too hard to figure out gifts for people who don't. So it is Chuckles' birthday Monday and I have no idea what to get the man! For those who don't know, that would be my dad who will be turning 58 this year. Cutest picture of the two of us back when I was cute!! I have bought him all the socks, random ties, and shirts that he is probably still saving to wear and I just wish I could think of that wonderful gift this year that he would truly appreciate. So I am going shoppping for said gift tonight-destination unknown (to me too!).

I did OK at Christmas I suppose, my sis and mom and I bought him a really sweet ping-pong table. You see ping pong is an Evans family tradition and Chuckles spent hours playing with my sis and I (or tweedle D and tweedle dumb as he so affectionately called us...and I claimed D because I was older!). Somewhere through the years the girls got good and these days instead of the win, he just gets a soar elbow...well at least half the time :-) I thought about a ping pong jersey for the old man for his birthday gift but as usual I am sure I have waited too long to get one made now. Anyways after carrying out the old ping pong table and carrying the new one into my folks basement, the only thing I do know for a fact this gift-go around is I will not be buying him anything big and heavy! So I will have to let ya all in on what I come up with when I do!

Workout talleys week to date starting Sunday--22.5 Miles Ran, 28 Miles on Stationary Bike, one UBWO and 2 hrs interval classes. Total time WTD, 8.25 hrs. Feeling extremely sore...way to much leg work coupled with too many squats and lunges! Clearly there is a glaring whole in my training which is swimming...I will make myself swim (even though it is not pretty) tomorrow morning.

One more day until the weekend..
P.S. Planning to go to Clev Tri Club meeting tomorrow night. Conned the hubby into coming with me and waiting it out at the bar next door!!

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TriSaraTops said...

OK, that is wayyyyyyyyy too cute! You haven't changed a bit!!! :)

C-ya tomorrow!