Monday, January 24, 2011

Type, delete, start again, over and over

That is pretty much this post.

I have tried to post a few times over the last several days.  I start typing and decide I am not sure where I want to go with it and delete.

I guess I feel pulled in too many directions at the moment to put down a cohesive focused post so these are just some of the random Monday thoughts in my head-

-  I hate that my leg concerns me so much.  I did not run at all last Money - Saturday hoping my leg issue would clear up, but no change.  Finally could not take it and ran 9 on treadmill easy Sunday.  No change.  Not sure what to make of it.

- I hate cold and dark.  Normally I tolerate and get out and run in it anyways but right now what I really want is a nice soft easy towpath run.  I don't want the pounding of the pavement or some crazy uneven footing to try to contend with as I sort this leg thing out.  Spring can not come soon enough.

- With the lightened running load, I have returned to a bike focus.  Coach G kicks my butt in our required bike workouts.  East side cycling got a taste of part of one this was a doozy!  I biked the most I have in a long time this past week and feel even more motivated to keep it up!

- This weekend is CTC's 2nd annual swim challenge / swim clinic.  Leah from Liquid Lifestyles is running the swim clinic which will be awesome I'm sure.  I am opting for the challenge.  Challenge is choice of 25x100, 50x100, 75x 100 or 100x100's.  I am not sure I can do the 100 but curious to see how far I will go! Gonna be fun!

-  REV3's blogtalk radio  is back this week.  Tune in 1/26 at 8PM to hear about 2011 season, highlighting REV3 Costa Rica and the chance to hear Pro Triathlete, Bree Wee. I am excited to tune in as listening to these last year always got me pumped up.

- On the Trakkers front, I am super excited that First Endurance and TriSwim are back on board as official team sponsors.

- Congrats to running friends, ESpeed and NC for tearing it up this weekend at the Case Spartan relays.  If only my leg was not such a sounds like great fun to go see what kind of time I could try to throw down at some short distances!

-  I take almost as much pleasure in my sister's newfound running as my own.  She is well on her way executing her marathon training plan as we prepare for Nashville in April.  I already see that she has the heart, discipline and potential to go far!  Speaking of sis, I had a awesome time with her twins 4 yr old girls yday at my cousins 1 yr old bday party.  They now can say they played Angry Birds on the Iphone and I can't help but laugh as they celebrate when taking down the pigs....which leads me to my final note

-  In spite of feeling like you are juggling too many things, quality time with family just seems to make everything better!


Matty O said...

Take it easy with that leg. I couldn't even imagine going 2 seasons not being able to run.

Pool time, bike trainer, couple beers, and you are all good :)

See you next weekend at the clinic!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Do you like their Tri-slide spray? It looks interesting to me

Janet Edwards said...

TD, yes. The difference is night and day. I used to be so sweaty by the time I would get my wetsuit on and with a spray of that it goes on (& off) easy peasy!

I am hoping it is my secret weapon at TTT when the race is bike swim run. I have never tried to get on a wetsuit in a hurry all sweaty after a bike in a race so hoping the TriSlide helps. Truly a big fan of it!

Anonymous said...

I soooo no what you're going through with the "no run"...I hope you get some positive signs/answers soon. But, in the meantime, you will become a kick a$$ cyclist!! Good Luck with the swim-sounds fun :)

C Coop said...

Wow, you got a lot going on in your noggin'! Best of luck and rest that leg up so you are ready come March and regular race season!

Joel said...

I actually love random posts like this, so no sweat that you didn't have a "cohesive thought"...

And I can't agree with you more on the "spring can't get here soon enough" comment. I am SO tired of winter...and comparitively speaking, here in Florida we haven't had it that bad.

Caratunk Girl said...

I so hear you on the cold and dark. I have ALWAYS bucked up and just gone out, but it has been a struggle for me lately.

Good luck with that leg. I really hope you find some relief, but at least you are building cycling fitness. Is there an ART (Active Release Therapy) person near you??? They may be able to help...

Kacie Darden said...

I feel you....I am struggling with some knee issues, and my running is sidelined...Sending super positive vibes!

Anthony said...

I prefer the shotgun post. I'm probably overdue for one myself. Well done. hope the leg is feeling better soon.