Thursday, January 13, 2011

Think Big Picture!

This week has been trying.  The weather has been snowy which stinks in that my long 40 mile commute takes FORVER!  Living in the snowbelt and wasting so much time in the car just wears on me sometimes and often it cuts in to my workout time significantly.  So annoying!  Yet, on the plus side, it means the husband is out making money plowing.  Win some, lose some!  Continuing on my rant, I was also bummed to discover we had already burned through a tank of oil in our house and are completely out which means $$$$.  Hopefully they deliver soon as the house is cold.  Thank goodness for our wood stove and Eden Pure heater to get us by.  And I have been grumpy that my leg still seemed very off on my treadmill run Tuesday.  Lastly, I hate cold and dark weather….I am a warm sunshine princess after all!

So this week, I am just trying to get by the best I can with a smile and what better way to do that, than to look forward to upcoming events which coming up include-

This weekend’s Run for Regis 50K ----Scratch that,  I have decided I will just run the ½ marathon.
February – Probably will run the Chili Bowl 5K and Dirty Dob 10k
March 6th-  Youngstown ½ Marathon
March 12th-  St Malachi 5 Miler which is always a party!
April 30 – Nashville Country Music Marathon
May 6-8th-  Cleveland Tri Club Training Camp at Mohican
May 6-8th-  American Triple T Ohio
June 4th – Mohican 100 K Mountain Bike Race

So back to this weekend and the 50k, I have decided the leg is not 100%, not bad by all means but not good either.  Actually I had a very nice easy 7 mile run on the treadmill today which felt great.  However, common sense tells me this is not the time to go run a 50k in a lot of snow and risk the early season.  So I have resolved that I will just go out and run the 13 miles easy and just enjoy being out there with my friends.  After all, last year I could not even do that!  Thinking big picture and spring!

So with that, there will be no taper and Sunday will just be another normal day.  After Sunday, I think I will either take a couple weeks off running or just run slow for 2 weeks or so to make sure everything settles in the leg and hopefully commence training with no more issues!  This may be a blessing in disguise as I could use some more bike focus.

This week I have made the return to weight training after a 2 or 3 week hiatus.  Dang, time off just makes the return a little painful, but its good to be least a little!  Always good to know I am doing something!  To everyone struggling this winter, do your best to do what ya can and find other positives to focus on!


Matty O said...

Wow, 40 mile commute... in snowbelt weather. Crap.

That and I am sure the hubby makes a killing out there. If I didn't work full time in addition to plowing I would get contracts out there so that I could just keep plowing the same lot over and over again haha.

Smart move on the leg. I have learned the hard way that pushing a "slight soreness" is just plain stupid.

Found out today that its in the 30's in Florida right now :( There is nowhere to go to escape!

Adventures with MS said...

I have to say, smart idea not pushing it. I find that little 'tweaks' can turn into big issues if you try to ignore it. Somehow in my early 20s injuries would never seem to get worse, but today... :(

Looks like an exciting season coming up for you. Enjoy the 13 miles this weekend.

jessithompson said...

I agree that it's pretty important to focus on the positives, especially when you feel overwhelmed with all the rest. Hang in there!

E-Speed said...

I feel ya girlie! probably a smart decision for Sunday. I am sure you will still have a blast!

Caratunk Girl said...

Way to adjust your goals, I hope that legs behaves. It can be tough in the dark cold snowy winter to be motivated for sure! Sounds like you are doing great though.

allanjel said...

Good luck this weekend!

The Dirty Dog 10k always reminds me of Mary Yoder's and the "Whoa!" stop sign...hahaha -- Ridiculous :)

Velma said...

Sounds like you made a good decision. Better to stay safe now. I hope the weather improves soon - it is killing me!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

uggh, the guy who owned our house before us worked for the gas company, so he switched the hot water over from electric to natural gas...but everything else is still electric (heat, AC, etc). Not a common thing down here in SC. I haaaate how often we have to refill that tank, so I feel you on the oil!!