Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Itza wrap!

OK, so forgive weird formatting but this post seems to be a PIB and I don't have all day, so deal with it!!!!
So with the Reindeer Run behind me, I think we can officially close the book on the 2010 racing season.

2010 sure started rough.  I was dealing with a tibia stress fracture that started back in November 2009.  I took time off and tried to come back too soon and end up not really running until mid-February and even then, I felt the need to be cautious with the running volume.  Too much volume, speed or pounding and the tenderness on the inside of my bone started to groan loudly and I was careful to listen.

So I focused on biking and swimming at least until mid January when I broke my elbow (radius) at Rays Indoor Mountain bike park when I did a double 360 10 feet in the air over this bad arse jump and ......

OK not really so cool.  I had done a sweet run through the one jump line only to clip a pole with my handlebar which sent me sailing into the concrete.  So much for swimming at least beyond kick drills!

A few of my highlights for the year included-
1.  Training for my first full  distance race....REV 3 Cedar Point
2.  Being a part of Trakkers and doing the REV3 Series
3.  Working with Mark Gorris, an area coach who I valued tremendously
4.  To the many wonderful things that happened in my role as President for Cleveland Triathlon Club
5.  All my other friends and groups, the girls, BAFF, TLE, Clev Touring Club , SERC...

Reflecting on the year, there are just so many things I am thankful for!  I am glad I was able to come back and race relatively injury-free.

1.  To point one, what a journey and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I am sure much of this was due to my super awesome training partners, friends, BAFF teammates and many more people kept me company on the long days and often pushed me beyond what I would probably have done on my own.  Training for an IM with good training partners is SOOO much easier than alone.  With the race itself, I finished and while it was not easy, one of my first thoughts was, "That was easier than I thought it would be".  My goal was to break 12 and luckily I was able to.  My CTC friends who came out as official cheering squad should also be applauded as keeping me super upbeat all day!

2.   It was amazingly motivating to be part of the Trakkers green and competing in the REV3 series.  The entire REV3 Series could not have been better in my book and I always got the feeling that priority to thinking of the athletes and their families was always first in their book which I give them major props for. I was also thankful to the many Trakkers sponsors, much love for First Endurance (switching to their products and actually working on nutrition this year was huge), TriSwim, Kestrel, Saucony and All3 Sports for everything throughout the year.

3.  Super Coach Gorris was fab.  He made me work so hard on the bike over the winter which set up the season perfectly.  The workouts made me work and the structure was just what I needed.  I really learned to focus more on heart rate and knowing my zones and so many other things. I was fortunate to get some training days with Coach G, much confidence and strategy and then he even let me borrow his race wheels for Cedar Point.  I can't thank him enough and have nothing but respect for him.

4.  CTC has been a huge presence in my world over the course of 2010 and it has been a busy year.  There were so many notable events but the hugely successful REV3 training days (held in conjunction with the REV3 Race Director and outfit) were definitely so very beneficial to me in setting me up for my big day at Cedar Point!  The hard working board and awesome members has made for a ton of fun events throughout the year and the training opportunities such as the spring training camp at Mohican are incredibly motivating!
Just being a part of it all has been truly awesome and even I think even my non-triathlete husband (who also deserves super kudos) loves the group!

5.  Much love for the inner circle, my local training partners and teammates, the people who I spend hours talking to and who always push me to keep going!

So here is how it went-

2010 Race Results
12/1/10, Reindeer Run 5K, Lakewood OH, 19.18, 3rd OAF
11/25/10, Aurora Turkey Trot 4 mi, 26.21 3rd OAF
11/13/10, Twinsburg Turkey Trot 5 mi, 33:17, 1st OAF
10/17/10, Columbus Half Marathon, 1:33:18, 9th AG
9/25/10, Akron Marathon Women’s Relay,  2:51:56, 2nd place overall women’s team
9/12/10, REV3 Cedar Point Full, 11:39:09, 2nd AG
8/12/10, Twilight Train Run 8K, 2nd place overall women’s team
8/8/10, Greater Cleveland Olympic Tri, 2:28:36, 2nd OAF
6/27/10, Summi Sprint Tri, 1:06:02, 1st OAF
6/20/10, Maumee Bay Oly Tri, 2:26:56, 3rd OAF
6/6/10, REV3 Quassy ½ IM, 5:38:13, 9th AG
5/9/10, REV 3 Oly Knoxville, 2:36:20, 6th AG
4/24/10, Nashville ½ Marathon, 1:37:41, 15th AG
3/13/10, St Malachi 5 mi Run, 34:18, 4th AG

Bring on 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty impressive resume; congrats. Maybe it'll be you I chase this year.

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allanjel said...

I always knew you were an O.A.F. :) Congratulations on a successful!