Tuesday, September 28, 2010

REV3 the Prequel!

To say times have been busy would be an understatement....mainly all work-related and I know no one wants to hear about that!  So back to the regularly scheduled program!

The week leading up to REV 3 was also quite busy with work so thank goodness it was taper time.  I managed to get in some good swims, a couple super easy runs with some pickups and some short bikes with some pickups.  Packing seemed to take forever and it seemed as tho my checklist of things I did not want to forget was never ending.  This led to printed off lists and spreadsheets to at least feel like I was remembering everything.

The plan was to get up to Sandusky 1.5 hours from home by 5.  I did not get off work until noon, then had to stop by a clients, the store, cleaned the kitchen, was packing up all last minute items, yada, yada, yada, husband was not early, a million things to pack in his vehicle and I was already running later than I wanted to be!

I had hoped to get there in time to hear Robert from First Endurance speak to the Trakkers crew and then head over to Cedar Point with the team.  Yet, I got there at 6:15 and by the time I got checked in and made a zillion trips up and down the place to take in all my crap, it was nearly 7 and I had a one track mind-FOOD OF COURSE!

So rewind slightly.  We were staying at Hotel Breakers which was oh -so convenient and for that reason alone I will stay there NEXT YR (YES, I SAID NEXT YR!).  Hotel had some room for some renovations and very little room for the cot we got Saturday and Sunday night (we had to put chairs in the hallway just to have enough room to set it up) but nonetheless, everything was really fine in the end!  Friday, again sticking with convenience, we just grabbed some dinner at TGI Fridays right there on site and then I went back to the room to do some arts and crafts that I had not found time for all week...beyond printing some stuff and pics off and buying supplies!

Saturday was a busy day of good fun!  It included hanging with the Trakkers gang on the beach at the practice swim hooking up people with Tri-Swim products and some laughs, of course only of the appropriate nature as we lubed people up with TriSlide! 

Then I headed into some rough water for a practice swim.  I was struggling a bit and thought that once I got out past where the waves were breaking it would get easier.....not...they were just big swells then!  Yet, I kept heading out figuring if studdette, Carole could do it with one arm in a cast, that I would survive!  And I did!

Then it was time to work the Cleveland Tri Club booth for a couple hours!  This is a good gig in my opinion, sitting around with my feet propped up, drinking muscle milk, talking about the club and sport I love!

After that, it was time for a little Janet time.  I grabbed my packet, some lunch and got my stuff all sorted out (so I thought!) in appropriate transition and special needs bags and headed back to the expo with my bike in tow!

I dropped my bike in T1 and covered it up with some plastic, thanks to KenB and headed over to the CTC booth were club members were starting to gather!

Say cheese!  The CTC gang took some pictures and shared some last minute good lucks before heading our separate ways!

And just like all good triathletes, I was excited about the next event...DINNER!  We headed out to dinner with a bunch of Bike Authority Fleet Feet teammates to this little Italian restaurant, Sortinos!  The place was memorable with a door bell, great Italian decor and was home to a lot of our laughs due in no small part to the memorable pic in the ladies bathroom.  This was one of those nights that I laughed about as hard as ever and will not soon forget!

After all the fun, I headed back to the hotel to take some tylenol PM and prepare myself for the fun that was about to start bright and early!

The long and the short of REV3 Cedar Point for me was that it was such an action packed weekend in which I enjoyed every minute of it (well maybe except for chip panic and rough swim start).  Post race included hanging back at the finish and food and beers at TGI Fridays.  I can not imagine a better experience so needless to say I have already started to plan on being back for the Full REV3 Cedar Point on 9/11/11!!!!  Bring it on!

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Carole Sharpless said...

You were AWESOME at Rev3!!!!
Way to go, stud!