Tuesday, September 07, 2010


So another short post as I am super short on time lately!

I had a super fab workout with the boys on Saturday which included my coach (WHO IS THE BEST AND IS EVEN LETTING ME BORROW HIS RACE WHEELS) and all-stars, ES and DM...who are also going to kick some REV3 butt!  I am very excited to see how well they will do!  We had a very windy final brick (45/3).  I was actually chilly at the start and luckily we dodged most of the rain!  On the way out we tackled a major headwind and I was just tucking in behind the boys as we all took turns with some pulls.  Then on the return trip we got to really have some fun and we averaged 25mph on the ride back from Orrville until we hit Rte 21!  Yeah for fast friends and tailwinds!  Then we threw on the shoes and headed out for a final quick run.  I love how fast 3 miles fly by on these "short" bricks!

Now I am in the nice and easy taper mode!  I even had a chance to stop in and visit the ole SERC crew at the bagel shop this week as I did not have some lengthy Sunday workout...WEIRD!  Feeling ready to roll with the exception of my super dooper swollen sting I got yesterday.  I suddenly have an extra hard red fat roll on my right outside hip.  Hurts like crazy!  My friends laughed at me talking about the crashes they have seen me take but never have heard me whine as much as I did yesterday over the sting.  I never even saw what got me (hornet/wasp/bee)?????  All I knew is there was no mistaking, something got me good!  So if I am itching myself on the REV3 course come Sunday, you will know why!   Lots of swimming on tap this week with some short bike / run intervals!  Other than that, just trying to think through all the little details with regard to nutrition, pacing and packing, planning the schedule with teams/CTC stuff, etc, trying to get some extra Zzzz's, not eat too much and mentally preparing for the inevitable pain cave!

I am really looking forward to the weekend and seeing everyone out at Sandusky!  Rest up racers ...the fun is just around the corner!


Matty O said...

Wish we could be there to cheer everyone on!!! We committed to a charity event that we are hosting so we can't bail.

Good luck, you will do awesome this weekend!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck this weekend!!

Pamela Achladis said...

Good luck Janet! You're awesome! Hope everything goes well!