Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh why must I stress myself out so bad???

So far summer has been crazy busy-work, training, travel and plenty of other things. I just got back from an action packed weekend in AL with lots of training and fun in the sun!

I try to keep things light on here for the most part and only reflect mainly on fun and training but I have been working pretty hard to stay on top of it all.  There does seem to be a situation developing which could be a little stressful but I suppose life is never simple.  Stress can do funny things it seems.  Sometimes I am so stressed I have trouble sleeping which sort of stinks because being tired and stressed is even worse!  Sometimes this leads to a funk where I don't feel like training and can't seem to get going.  Then sometimes I force myself to go and just do not feel it at all and have pathetic workouts.  Then there are times you are soooo stressed that you just go run and go so hard that it just feels with every pounding of the pavement, you are working it out.  Yesterday was one of those runs...simply flying and trying to blow off my stress!

So for now I am not sure how the situation will develop.  I just know I will put my best foot forward and try to handle it with grace (unlike my cat tripping, heel ripping open step out my bedroom door today).  Thank goodness I have my family, friends and laid back hubby to lean on and my health!  Who know, sometimes you find out you stress for no reason at all!  And then sometimes stress can lead you to do things that are good for you in the end!  Fingers crossed everything works out!


Kim said...

um i hear ya with being crazy busy, having pathetic workouts, and being completely stressed out i can barely sleep. here's to relaxing and trying to stay stress free!

Kate said...

I hope the situation sorts itself out soon- don't forget to take time out for you! If the training is pathetic anyway, switch it around, or skip it occasionally and have a spa or ride your motorbike, or do whatever else it is that makes you feel best.

jessithompson said...

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. ~Chinese Proverb

Bill said...

Just keep the faith Janet and rely on your husband and family. I hope everything works out for you!

Matty O said...

Stress sucks simple as that.

Can really mess with your body too so find a good way to vent it out!

Hope you guys have a blast this weekend, we are sorry we can't make it but I have to work.