Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Time to brag!  I am very proud to say that I am a member of the Cleveland Triathlon Club.  It is composed of 250 members or so, is a pretty active club which knows how to have some fun and is made up of some of my very favorite people!

This year the club has been working very hard to bring a lot more to our members-  many more sponsor discounts, a widely successful swim challenge / clinic in February, an awesome triathlon training camp down at Mohican, TT races galore, picnics, more training opportunities and this past Saturday, a CTC-REV3 Preview Day which was a GIGANTIC HIT!  PEOPLE ARE EXCITED ABOUT REV3 coming to am I!

In my humble opinion (as someone who is totally biased here), this was such a FANTASTIC training day.  120 athletes or so in total showed up on the gorgeous day in sunny warm Ohio!

I drove the 1.5 hours to Sandusky with the hubby on Friday and went straight to meet RD, Eric for dinner/drinks with some other folks that were in town early.  It was awesome to get the low key skinny on things and chat with Eric on the patio of Mulligans Pub at Sawmill Creek.  Speaking of Sawmill Creek, they went so over the top with helping us out, bring out water and ice, ferrying people on golf carts, opening restaurants early, letting us use their facilities & showers and just being the nicest people to work with and their grounds were gorgeous!  If you need a place to stay that weekend, consider supporting Sawmill!

Saturday morning came and the 5 of us in our hotel room were up early to start the day.  There was Sailfish wetsuits to demo, Leah Nyikes with Liquid Lifestyles on the gorgeous beach leading an open water swim clinic....and LEAH ROCKS BTW!   I demoed a high end Sailfish wetsuit.  I am not sure if it was the calm water or the wetsuit or what but that morning, swimming just seemed so effortless.  WEIRD FOR ME!

Then we got to hear more from E Opdyke (REV3 CP RD) about the course and we rode the course.  We were fortunate to have Bike Authority assisting with bike maintenance before heading out and Spin and Idutri helping with SAG and a bike course aid station.  We had a nice tailwind on the way out and the roads were marked and in great shape.  We FLEW with the tail wind on the way out as I rode with the A group.  The course was pretty flat but there were a fair amount of rolllers especially on the way back when we hit a strong headwind.  I am just planning on a headwind for the the 2nd half of the bike loops now because I think it is better to mentally prepare myself for what might be tough and faced on raceday.  Hopefully if the wind gets us on the way back, it will even it out on the way out!

Upon my 59 mile bike return, I grabbed some liquid and changed my shoes to get in some running!  Wow it was hot!  JP, TR and I clipped a quick pace along the path on Sawmill property while I baked in the warm sun.  Upon our return I rushed into Sawmill to grab a quick shower before the clinics started.

First up was Michael Folan from Infinit who really gave everyone some good insight with regard to calorie replacement, water and salt intake.  It sounded like my approach using First Endurance products was very much in line with topics he spoke of which made me feel better about what I was doing! Then one of the respected area coaches, Angela Forester, had a discussion of long course strategy and tips.  I really believe everyone walked away from those clinics knowing more and both speakers gave me a lot to think about!  SO VALUABLE!  Thanks to both of of them!

Last up was the post preview day food and drinks and giveaway at Black Bear Saloon on Sawmill's property.  Beer and a cheeseburger never tasted so good!  There were lots of nice giveaways and it was just good times to chat with other participants about the day and the course.  I know this race will be a hit and people are excited!!!  Next up is the official REV 3 preview day on know where I will be!


Michelle Simmons said...

That's so cool you guys were able to do that. What a nice advantage to be on your 'home' course in September!
Looking forward to meeting you... I'll be there (doing the half). :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like an awesome day. After all the hills in Knoxville and Middlebury, it is strange hearing about Rev3 putting on such a flat race.

But I'm not complaining. I'm looking forward to the flat 112 miles, even if it is windy.

Any specific tips for racing the course?

Matty O said...

Wow, great write up! Sad we missed it. Awesome turnout though! Unbelievable you had that many people up there!!!

We have a place in Sandusky and I know the course very well. Should be an interesting race venue!

Sawmill is awesome. Glad you had a good experience there, we have yet to have a bad time when we head over there.