Friday, May 07, 2010

Tour de Tenessee :-)

First there was Nashville half mary on April 24 which was an absolute blast.  Then it was back home for 4 days before getting back in the car to head down to AL. While in AL, we have spent time with the husband's family and have enjoyed relaxing for a few days....I guess in all honesty sometimes I have a hard time with this and start looking around trying to figure out what we can do next! 

Lucky for me, I have Tether for my phone so I can still get on the Internet but the connection is slow and uploading pics is not working so ya all are going to have to wait for those!

I have found some good ways to occupy my time though.  I have been getting in some open water swimming in the gorgeous lake, playing on 4 wheelers, sunning my chalky OH body, running and riding bicycle of course!

The last two days have included trips up to Chattanooga.  Wednesday my husband and I packed the mountain bikes up and went riding at Raccoon Mountain.  These trails are beautiful up next to the TN river and have amazing rocks and overlooks.  We stopped quite a bit to take in the sites as we traversed all the elevation changes.  It was a 85 degree day and the climb up Megawatt about melted the husband but we survived fine and treated ourselves to our own little Cinco de Mayo celebration at a nearby Mexican to refuel with some chips, salsa, food, margaritas and Dos Equis!

Yesterday we headed back up to Chattanooga to see some family, shop and have dinner which made for a nice day.  Today is our final day down here before we head up to the last stop on our Tour de Tennessee to Knoxville for the REV 3 Olympic tri.   I am SOOO excited to meet my Trakkers teammates and some of our sponsors like Kestrel, Tri Swim, Saucony First Endurance, All3Sports and more.  It never seems to matter how many triathlons I have done, I still get nervous and already have some butterflies thinking about Sunday.  Why do I want to do these things that are going to force me to deal with such racing pain?    Nonetheless, looking forward to seeing where I am at and giving it my best!  Bring on the weekend! 

Oh and I should also mention the little AG competition going on with Trakkers and the two other teams....time for our Trakkers peeps to bring it!!!!! ;-)

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E-Speed said...

good luck at the tri girlie! you are going to smoke it!