Monday, May 24, 2010

Past two weekends!

So the past two weekends were a nice change of pace from the prior 4 of being out of town.  The timing was perfect as there was sooo much going on.  The weather has been rather cold and rainy and has screwed up a fair amount of evening bicycling plans the past two weeks which stinks after the warm sunny weeks down south.

Nonetheless, training seems to be going well and I have been busy.

Last weekend, I hit a tri club social on Friday evening and got to check out a bunch of bicycle demos, Zipp wheels and SRAM components.  Saturday, I wanted to get in 60ish on the bike and I rode with the Cleveland Touring Club or rather BL and we managed to make a nice day of it.  We even decided to climb Durthick's Hill (a hill that I always thought was pretty big) and just to say I did, I climbed it in my big chain ring.  So there!  Really this hill is not nearly as big as I thought it was and many hills off river road or in the valley deserve much more respect!  Great ride and a nice headwind to contend with on the way back.  Ended up with another late night Saturday at a friends bonfire before waking up Sunday early for the next big workout.

On Sunday, I had mapped out a course to leave my place a 6:30 am and take a winding 50 mile route up to downtown Cleveland on my own.  Again, this year with the workouts I am trying to fit in, I am learning to get in a fair amount of riding all on my own and have decided that it is not sooo bad!  I took a gorgeous route that had me climbing up 168 up into Burton, continuing on and making a left on Butternut and on up the big climb to Wye, L on Rockhaven, R on Fairmount, over to Shaker, took North Park to South Park, to MLK, to Carnegie to my office.  Then I switched shoes and commenced a 5 mile run off.  The run was FABULOUS as I was running out the Cleveland Marathon Course backwards just as sooo many of my friends were finishing!  Great times cheering for everyone!  I hung out at the CTC tent for a bit before the gang all headed down to Barley House to hang and then I headed over to the SERC party!  Busy but fun day for sure!

This weekend was no less busy, but thankfully the evenings were not as late!  Babysat my sister's twins on Friday, Saturday was up early to head to the GCT training day.  Upon the 7:50 AM arrival I donned to wetsuit and braved the water with 3 other crazies!  Holy smokes it was cold with temps in the low 50's.  That swim did not last long as I just was struggling to put my face in the water, let alone how my feet were feeling!

After a change and some BS-ing it was off on the road bike in the rain with a decent sized group of other people on the course.  I was covered in road spray and grime but not really minding it too much as the temps were at least warm as I hung with the 3 guys at the front.  After the first 23 mile loop I headed out to find the ladies who were heading out for a second loop and ended up doing an out and back to end up with 34 (6 short of the 40 goal) but I wanted to make sure I had time to run before the picnic.  I ended up running the 10k course (which was all I had time for) running 1-3 with a harder effort (7:15), easing off for 1.5 and then finishing up stronger to end with just below a 7:30 avg pace.  Again I was supposed to get in 9 so fell 3 miles short but sometimes I just need to do the best I can and roll with it.  The picnic kicked off at noon and it was nice to get a chance to chat with a lot of new faces.

Sunday was sort of a day that I did not have a planned workout so I decided to head out and support CTC's Crazy Coyote Time Trial Series.  What a great idea because this was right up my alley!  It was a 12 mile course with 3, four mile hilly loops starting in one minute increments.  My legs were not feeling super fresh but after a one loop warm up I was off.  I went out like a bat outta hell and was feeling pretty gassed and trashed after loop one...classic me!  I think my goal was to not have fellow TLE member, MV pass me on the first loop as he was starting 1 min behind me.  That was a success as he did not get me until half way through the second loop and I tried to stay with him but got a little out of rhytym and rolled up beside him and then lost some momentum and he was gone.  At least MV was the only one to pass me and I ended up passing 2 others.  After crossing the finish line, it was clear I had done a nice job of really punishing the legs on the hills, yet the plan was to head out with the vanuccis for some memorial day course preview riding.  This was good times...good roads, beautiful weather and great friends!  We ended up finishing the day with 66 miles or so.

The weather forecast this week is looking up and I am stoked, even had to ride the motorcycle to work today.  If only I could play outside every day.

The past two weeks have been pretty consistent.  I still should probably be swimming more.  Running is kept conservative with distance but have been very conscious of hitting paces which has been easier and easier.  Biking as much as I can.  Time to start the two week taper for Quassy this week!  This will be hard with this nice weather!  Heading out of town the next 3 weekends, Raystown Lake Mountain Biking, Quassy in CT and then back to Raystown.  :-)

Totals past two weeks-
S 9500 Meters
R 50.7 Miles
B 232 Miles


E-Speed said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, you are a machine!

solarsquirrel said...

Your training sounds amazing - congrats. on being so focused and dedicated!!! I wish I was able to do more on my own...I just can't seem to get myself motivated!! Can't wait to see how this race season pans out for you.

Matty O said...

Man your numbers are still through the roof!!! You should be pretty solid for Quassy.

It was good seeing you over the weekend, keep up the good work!