Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy new year!


2010 is already looking up!

Kicked it off with a new years eve 3 mi. run. 3 Miles may seem like small potatoes to most but this was the best 3 mi in a long time as the tibia pain was not present!!

After a very mild new years eve, news years day was packed full of fun including CTC's polar plunge, the post race warm-up at Panini's and games with our friends.

Saturday, 1/2, started the health kick where some focus is returning to my nutrition. Day three now in progress and already feeling better with cutting out the crap!

Saturday was a pretty darn good day actually with a 2 hour cycling class, 2000 yd swim, got some stuff done around the house and then a super fun night of riding snowmobiles!!!

Between snowmobiling the other night and the husband plowing, I am loving this snow! 2 feet and counting at home!

Did I really have to go back to work today though?

Bring on the new year!
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Trigirlpink said...

I hear ya on the full work week this week. eeks..PAINFUL. I'm used to my 3 day and holiday fun for 4!

jessithompson said...

Happy new year!!! Wish we were having the snow that you are!