Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mad Wed update

No real time for an update but before it gets too late, I have been getting in plenty of Biking , running and now even some swimming!

So after 100 miles biking and some tired legs from the prior weekend, last week went as such...

M 6/15 - 8 mile run (lunch), 10 miles mtn biked at West Branch (PM)
T 6/16 - 6.75 mile run (am), 10 miles biked at CTC TT race (22:06 for 8 mile course, not too shabby!)
W 6/17 - approximately 1200 yd open water swim with B (first swim in forever!)
R 6/18 - 1000 M Swim (am), 7.75 M lunch Run (3x800, 8x200, 4 on hills), 17 miles road bike
F 6/19- 8 miles ran
S 6/20 - approx 800 M Swam, 24 miles biked, 3 miles ran
S 6/21 - Planetx X Tri (400 yd swam, 11 miles biked, 3.1 M Ran)

Ran 33.5 M
Road Bike 62 M
Mtn Bike 10 M
Swam 3400 M

PlanetX tri was OK. First tri of the year. Thank goodness I actually swam last week. Not the worst swim but it definitely puts me back a bit! The first transition was a disaster as my bike helmet strap had come unthreaded from the clip. Then ran the bike out and still had to do my shoes while propping my bike up. Lots of time lost here! Then it slowed me down on the bike when it again came undone. Then there was the car that hung me up on the bike course. Regardless, plenty of room for improvement...I still want a do over! Oh and I forgot my inhaler and wheezed like crazy through the whole run.

Oh well it is not likely that it would have changed the result. Akron relay teammate, MB solidly had 1st taken care of and I ended up 2nd female overall (1st in ag) just narrowly edging out my girl and other Akron relay teammate, AS!

This week is more of the same so far-
Monday 6/22 -1000 M S, 7 M Run, 10 M Mtn Bike
Tuesday 6/23- 8.5 M R, 32 M Road Bike
Wednesday 6/24 - 7.75 M biking tonight

I'm planning to take it easy the next couple days as I feel tired and the heat and my asthma is getting to me! Xterra Trimax (1st XTERRA EVER) in Mifflinberg PA this weekend!


solarsquirrel said...

Thanks for slacking and letting me run with you! Great job on 2nd place OVERALL!!! I had fun - I agree - the swim was still a fun day and we had great weather!

Kate said...

Wow- you're looking AMAZING. Good luck with Xterra- fun!