Monday, June 15, 2009


Well as usual, times have been busy! I have been still putting in plenty of miles but training has definitely been more bike focused. Work is insanely busy in a good way but that means playtime and blogging is totally limited!

Last weekend I headed out to Raystown Lake in PA to mountain bike the Alegrippis trails and camp out at Seven Points Camp Ground. 31 miles of gorgeous trails which are like an exciting pump track. These trails are new and the whole area is so gorgeous and well-maintained. Seriously these trails were so fast and fun and I could have rode them forever! LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THE PLACE!!!

This weekend I did my first short running race in awhile. With some coaxing from CV, I signed up for the 3 race series at Mulberry through Cleveland plays. I highly recommend it as it was fantastic for what ya get, including good give-aways, nice shirts and breakfast! I think it will be good to force me to start running harder again and improve upon my times. I finished the five miles a hair under 7 min mile pace so a good place to start. Mile 1 was 6:26. Four other fast girls were out in front and I was following them at a close distance through the first 1.5 miles or so. I think I mentally I checked out around mile 2 when the uphill started and my quads were not feeling it and the ladies started to pull away. There were a few climbs and then at 3.5M in, a decent sized hill. I picked it up a bit the last mile or so which leads me to think I should have stayed more dialed in as I probably could have done better, but a decent effort just the same. Now I will just have to improve upon those times each race!

Sunday, I met out in Burton with TR and also had the pleasure of riding with DM for much of the day. I rode the Sunday in June Ride which was 100 miles of rolling bicycle fun on a beautiful day. For a good portion of the ride we took turns pulling and made some decent time. All and all, I felt pretty good the whole way, had some good climbs and definitely had to work a bit to keep up with the boys. Definitely feeling a little stronger on the bike this year. Now I just need to swim as I think I will be doing my first tri this Saturday!

Last week- 6/8-6/14
M 6.5 M Run, 4.5 M Mtn Bike
T 10 M Run (incl track w/o 2x800's 2:52, 3:00; 4X400's, 1:27(3), 1:26; 2x200, :37, :36)
38 mile bike with east side cycling
W 8 M Run 7:55 pace
R 8 M Run 7:45 pace
F off
S 9 miles (5 m race at 6:58 pace)
S 101 miles biked at SIJ

R 41.5 M
Road Bike: 139 M
Mtn Bike: 4.5 M


E-Speed said...

I've been friends with you for years now and I still don't know how you fit it all in!

duchossois said...

Seems like you are gravitating toward more biking, and really enjoying it. Raystown Lake sounds like a bikers heaven.