Thursday, September 14, 2006

Running time!!!

Well with the last tri out of the way, it is time to shift my focus to running. Only problem is the IT Band continues to bother me some.

I managed to get in a decent workout today at the track. I decided to hit my local gym in Garrettsville and run apprximately 2 miles to my old high school track, do my workout and head back to the gym for some core training. Let's just say my core training ended up much shorter than planned as I was just spent from the track.

As I started my warm-up I took in all the changes at my ole alma mater...the addition on the high school, a paved parking lot that replaced a gravel one, all the new baseball and soccer fields which replaced the entire wooded area that was along the gravel road back to the track which used to be surrounded by woods. So much has changed and as I took a quick look at the track, I realized not much had changed with it. It was still cinders, still uneven and at this point in time completely covered with water in spots. Oh well, I was there and if I ran on the inside I was able to keep my feet out of the pools of water.

At the track I did (10) 400's with either 100 or 200 yard recoveries depending on how I felt. I started off fair and slowed down and managed to pick it up slightly at the end. My lungs ached and it was a slow 2 miles back to the gym. Knee ached but not too terrible. I think I am just getting used to the constant ache. My key is to just keep going b/c starting after stopping is the worst.

Sunday will be the Buckeye Half Marathon so we will see how that goes!


Jodi said...

Ugh. I always feel so old when I go to my high school. So much has changed, And then I realize it's been 10 years!
Great workout. Good luck this weekend. I hope you give us a race report!



Papa Louie said...

I hope you have a great half marathon race, pain free!

E-Speed said...

good luck at the half this weekend. All the SERC gals will be out (minus me)!

trifrog said...

I used to do the same thing when I would visit my Mom in Pittsburgh. Go running on the old cross-country trail which seems really short now? Ride around the park which was my only source of cycling when younger - continuous 5- or 8-mile loops.

Now she lives in Austin and the only time I go back to the 'Burgh is for triathlon or 10K races. So training on the 'old stomping grounds' just doesn't happen anymore. You have me thinking I should just pack up the bike and shoes like for a race and go do a workout back 'home'.

Michele said...

Good luck Sunday.

Lana said...

Good luck in your half mary - and take care of that knee!!