Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Buckeye Half

Well as I woke up for race day I walked down the stairs and thought "pain is still there." I packed up the Aleve and my other pre-race nescessity these days, a couple pepto bills and headed out the door.

It was an insanely foggy morning and in the upper 50's. I was a bit cold waiting for the race to start in my tank top but did not complain because I was just looking forward to the race. I was planning to run with my friend Bob and he just is a truly wonderful partner who provides conversation and support the whole way through.

Before the race I caught up with all the other familiar faces and friends I have gotten to know over my running time which was fun. I really did not have a game plan for what I wanted out of the day. I thought about trying for 8 min miles, but I figured given the recurrent knee pain that I would just run with Bob and enjoy the run.

And so we were off, chatting away. Pretty much hitting 8:30-8:45 consistently through all the miles, slowing on the waterstop ones to actually walk so we could drink. I felt strong the whole way. I never felt uncomfortable even where there were short hills.

As we came up to the last waterstop I told Bob that I was going to skip it and headed up the hill before the finish line. What a guy, I hear him cheering over and over from the bbottom of the hill. He totally could have been with me if he wasn't spending all his energy cheering. Anyhow eneded up finishing in 1:53:39 at a 8:41 pace which put me at 5/25 in my age group (last year was 1:53 and some change too!).

As far as my running goals for the rest of 06, I had been hoping to have a BQ time at Columbus this year but given the recurrrent IT band pain, I have given up on this goal due to the scaled back training. I have decided to just run at what feels comfortable...or rather, what pain I can handle. I am somewhat disappointed yet relieved that the pressure is off. I figure for the Columbus marathon I am just going to try to get through it, which at this point will be an accomplishment. I keep thinking about what would be a realistic goal given the reality that my original one is probably out the window. Hmmm, what marathon time should I shoot for do ya think??? Maybe next year!!!!

On another note, may have good news to share soon!!!


Jodi said...

Glad to hear your race went well. I've been worried about your leg! Take it easy and enjoy Columbus.

Good news? I can't wait :)


TriSaraTops said...

I think you're doing the right thing. Have you seen a physical therapist about the IT thing? I know it's bothered you for quite some time. Ugh. My buddy Canada Jenn has dealt with the same thing for a long time, too.

Good news to share soon?! I wonder if it's similar to the good news I may be sharing relatively soon.....

E-Speed said...

Hey don't completely give up on the BQ, I had tons of ITB problems before Boston 05 and they miraculously went away during the race (granted other issues arose)

Go with what you feel on race day. Start out with a pace that feels comfortably slow, the first half of that marathon is a breeze, then hopefully you can maintain or pick it up the second half which has a slight incline most of the way. If you can find a buddy to run that part with I highly reccommend it. I lost my friends at a pit stop at mile 12 and was alone the rest of the way and it sucked!

Michele said...

Great job on the half! Awesome time.

Lana said...

How about 3:45? There is no doubt you could get a BQ if you were healthy.

Papa Louie said...

So good to hear you had a great race. If you feel good on Columbus day and all aches and pains are gone then go for it and get that BQ.