Thursday, December 08, 2011

Welcome to December!!!

So after a relatively nice warm November, December has arrived and the temps are dipping a bit.  The last few years, December has always meant a few things-

1.  A ramp up in miles for the USAT National Club Challenge
2.  The Reindeer Run 5K
3.  The return to trail running to prepare for the Winter Run for Regis
4.  The kick-off of indoor trainer classes

All of which, make me excited!!!!

USAT National Club Challenge
So as a board member for the Cleveland Triathlon Club, one responsibility that has typically fell in my hands was coordinating the club's USAT challenge.  I like it a lot for a few reasons.  Mainly it is 3 months of the year where I am the most responsible with tracking my mileage.  You would think that I would be better about it after all these years, but despite my decent (can't say best) efforts, I always fall off tracking and forget things when I go to log it.  That and I have never stayed consistent with logging it into one database.  Perhaps a goal to strive for in 2012???

Anyways, another reason that I like the USAT NCC is that I find that I get more motivated to put up some big numbers.  That and I always seem to have a rivalry with my good friend CK to see who puts up the bigger numbers.  I got him last year, but he has a very tiny lead on me as of today...but not for long ;-)

In my defense, I have skipped a few workouts in lieu of sleep or just relaxing as I still have not shaken this dang funk of a cough I have had for over a month now.  It is now better than Thanksgiving week and I had went to the Dr. last week finally to get on some antibiotics, but the coughing fits have still not subsided!  GRRRR, I hate hate hate being sick and have such a hard time laying low which probably only delays me getting healthy.

So far in the challenge since it started on 12/1, as of 12/8 at 9:45 am, I have logged-
Swim:  1.55 M
Bike:  28 M
Run:  49.5M
Total:  79.05 miles giving me a weighted points total of 192.

Seems pretty obvious I need to pick up the biking and swimming AND that I just love running!

Reindeer Run 5 K
Saturday morning the plan was to run the Reindeer Run 5K.  Despite me being sick, I figured since I was signed up already, I might as well go see what I could do.  It is always a flat fast course and I was hopeful that maybe, maybe I could break 19.  But, I should have known from the warm-up, that it was not to be my day.  I got in a nice 3.5 mile warm-up prior to the race as it was pretty cool out (around 30 with a wind out of the south) and stripped down to my shorts, tank and arm warmers.  Yes, I had several comments about the fact that I must be freezing but I was actually pretty comfortable with my race temperature in those clothes.

I lined up next to my good friend and training partner, CV and hoped to keep up with her.  However not even a half mile into the race, I let her pull away feeling my effort getting too high.  I hit the first mile marker at 6:06, exactly the pace I needed.  However, I knew then, there was no way to get that 19 as my effort already felt maxed out and I still had 2/3 the race to go.  I slowed down and suffered through the miles.  Blah, I felt like crap and kept coughing along the way.  To make matters worse, a chick passed me with about 50 yards to the finish and I pretty much gave up and jogged the last 50 yards in.  I was definitely frustrated with myself by slacking off that last quarter mile and not holding my position.  That resulted in me dropping to second in my age group as that lady who passed me there, ended up with first in our age group.  Total time was 19:51, 6:21 pace.

Not what I hoped, but I quickly shook it off and started cooling down with CV to wrap up 10 miles on the day.  She had taken 2nd overall and now it was time to celebrate her birthday!!!  The best part of the race was all my other good friends that had came down.   I can honestly say that over the years, my running and triathlon friends have just become such a huge part of my life and I just LOVE hanging out with them.  Several friends got PRS on this day like Bridget being paced by fast Salty.  And (ole college roomie, trisaratops PR'd, being paced in by silly fast NC.  Jen C prd too!  Espeed was out there cheering all of us on as she is on the recovery train post her 2:51 Philly Mary.  Espeed's hubby PRd running with the super cute GP.  Bottom line it was a super morning.  And then to top it off, a huge group of us went to the "Original" Pancake House and indulged in gourmet pancake deliciousness!!! 

The return to trail runs!
Oh, how I love these...well sort of!!!  I had organized a group to hit the trails Sunday.  After all, I need to start to prepare for the 1/15 50K trail run I signed up for...again!  Only my legs felt tired from Saturday and oh yeah...still sick!  It was great company, great scenery and lots of hills!  GG and AM were pushing the pace a fair amount and of course, I did my best to keep up.  The last 5 miles, I was pretty much in a daze because I felt so fatigued, but still I managed to get in those 18.5.  OMG, only like another 13 to do on race day (HOLY CRAP, I got some work to do!!!)  Time to rally for 21ish this Sunday!!

Indoor trainer ride commencement!
These are always good fun and I work so hard for these 1.5 -2 hour sessions.  New this year, I am heading up the bi-weekly rides at the bicycle hub.  Last night was our first session and with a 90's theme, how could it not be fun???!!!  Great turnout, good workout and kick arse tunes brought to you by your truly!!  This Saturday, I will be back to my normal Saturday's at Twinsburg!  LT test week!  Bring it on!


Matthew Smith said...

Holy Cow that 5k was fast! I know it wasn't what you wanted, but that's stinking great! That spinning group looks like a lot of fun.

Matty O said...

Yeah, always sucks when you race and are feeling under the weather, always leads to disappointment :(

I too look forward to indoor trainer sessions! If you were closer I might dare go to one of your sessions (and probably not be able to walk for a week).

Glad things are ramping up for you!!! time to put up the base miles for 2012.