Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Keep Up...

....that is what I keep telling (or rather keep singing to) myself to do!  (You can click link for one of my current ipod faves!)

Anyways just trying to stay on top of it all, work, club stuff, the workout and just the little things!  Did I mention the pile of dishes I had on my counter that I finally did last night just before 10PM after getting home from a late night of biking at which time I was finally eating dinner???  I think it took me two seconds to fall asleep when my head hit the pillow last night...or maybe just one!

This morning the alarm went off this morning (just like yesterday) so I could get my swim in before work and I could not resist the snooze button....again and again until there was no time left for a swim AGAIN.  This is especially problematic because I can usually run or bike downtown Cleveland but the pool becomes hard to hit if I skip it in the morning!  This week I have been feeling a bit run down and suppose skipping a swim and staying healthy is probably the best option!  Too bad my swimming options always seem a little constrained with time and proximity!

After being away quite a few weekends recently I am super excited to have the next two weekends to be home and get to do some of those things I have not had much time for like riding my motorcycle (this Saturday we are heading out to ride with some friends) and hitting some parties (plenty of those lined up for July 4th weekend)!

So far this week, everything is sort of falling into place but I had managed to overplan my weeknights which I hate.  Tuesday was a 42 mile road bike ride with the touring club, tonight was set to be a 16 mile run, then tomorrow was mountain biking night, friday a 40/10 brick, with a sprint tri to top it off Sunday.  However, I am super excited that I managed to squeeze in my 16 mile run this morning (due to a last minute schedule opening AND I even got company for most of it!) so I can actually have an off night and just relax at home tonight.  All this running around has just made me appreciate my time at home so much more!  Some how I will manage to keep up with is all or at least give it my best!


Kate said...

Wow! Those are some busy nights :) I know the feeling- but it's worth it!

Trisaratops said...

Ahhhhhhhhh yes....I remember those days...lovely IM training! Money in the bank, girlfriend! Hang in there! :)

Hope to hook up for a ride with you sometime soon!

Jon said...

Just found your blog. Which Ironman are you doing?

Sometimes I need to take a night off just to catch up on the simple things, like doing laundry and doing the dishes. I can't get over how much energy that takes, especially after a hard week of S/B/R.

allanjel said...

Oh NO!!! Not you too with that techno stuff ;o) Oh boy, next you'll wanna go to a rave!!

Janet Edwards said...

Jon, REV3 Cedar Point! Can't wait!

Oh and B, raves, been there, done that! Thank goodness I funnel MOST of my energy into more productive things these days! Just don't think you can take the techno bug outta me tho!