Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Xterra Trimax

Did my first Xterra Tri last weekend. I finished, but it wasn't pretty.

I hit the water and the phrase "so cold it takes your breath away" was totally the case. The 58 degree mountain spring fed lake just wrecked me and my aerobic system was shot for the day within the first 10 minutes and I struggled the rest of the day to keep it in check even with my inhaler! Ughh, it was rough! Things learned-

1. Get acclimmated to the water pre-race.
2. Warm up slowly. Don't run down beach and dive into the cold.

Bike went OK. Technical stuff is not bad for me and I passed lots of people in the rock gardens as they walked and I rode. Yet, I had to ride easy as I could just not get air in. Run was tough and had the craziest climb I've ever seen on a course. I so wish I had a picture of it because words cannot do it justice!

Due to asthma, I performed no where close to where I should have been. I pre-rode the course easy Saturday and then during the race, I did not even ride it as fast as the "easy" day before because I could not breathe. It was so frustrating. It was a small field and despite my issues, I really am all about these Xterras! I ended up 4th female overall and 2nd age group, so at least I will get some good points series.

Last week
Ran 34.5 M
Road Bike 32 M
Mtn Bike 44.5 M (HUGE!)
Swam 2750 yds


Mike said...

Nice job!!! Hey you finished, end of story! I know what you mean when you get thrown off by medical conditions, it can be frustrating. Like when my blood sugar drops to low my legs cramp up in about 2 seconds and I hit the wall. Then it takes two hours to recover and get them back.

BTW, I started hitting up West Branch last week on the MTB. LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to get back there this weekend!

E-Speed said...

girl you are a machine. Hope you get this breathing thing figured out.

solarsquirrel said...

ARGH!!! You need to use your inhaler!!!! That's ok - this was your first, just gonna take practice. You're one of the most hard core chicks I know. CONGRATS on an awesome job even with the breathing issues.

DaisyDuc said...

Solar...I did use the inhaler, even pre-race. Just doesn't really seem to be helping!

Kim said...

holy crap i had totally lost track of you online lately! xterra?! awesome! i was thinking of getting into that. you look awesome. great job janet!