Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Numbers and Tidbits

Portage Lakes Sprint Du---thankfully HFP did not loose my splits like I did!

5K #1 - 20:42 (6:39/mi)
T1 - 1:06
13 m Bike - 38:33 (19.3 mph)
T2 - 1:00
5K#2 - 22:07 (7:07/mi)

Random thought: Although my preference is warm hot summer weather, my body definitely likes these cooler temps with low humidity for exercising!!!

Friday ~ 40 ish mile bike ride
Saturday ~ 18 mi run
Sun ~ Spint Du ~ 7 mi ran, 13 mi bike
Mon ~ easy 6 mi run
Tues - 5 mi speedwork ran

I had a super in shape aerobics instructor last week that made me think I needed to refocus.

Several pounds have crept on over summer as I have really ate pretty much whatever I wanted.

I watched the biggest loser and thought if they can, I can.

I decided to get my act together and clean up my horrible diet. No more salmon caesar salads for lunch daily, no more two starbucks frappachinos a day, no more nightly chicken wings, burgers and fries. Ramped up exercise a bit more. Dropped 8-9 pounds in a week. I think I must have weighed in on a heavy day the morning after a big dinner or something. I am feeling so much better already...now to just stay commited.


Craig said...

Saturday ~ 18 mi run. Sunday you then won the womens sprint du race. That's impressive!

Charlie said...

Good luck on the nutrition plan. I have to back off of the junk again.

Anonymous said...

For me, I know that there's a point where I have to be careful with what I eat cause I tend to put on weight pretty easily, BUT I think it's good you gave yourself some time to eat "junk".

A lot of elites will make it a point to gain 5-10 off season and then take it off during in training. It's hard to try to be race weight all year long; it's good to have some fluctuation in weight...

Michele said...

Congrats on the du. awesome times.

love the new site.

brendaj said...

I like The Biggest Loser too - very inspirational.