Saturday, August 11, 2007

Half iron eve!

Well the longest event for me ever is tomorrow.

I would be lying to say I was not nervous.

I know I can do it.

It is really far.

I have not stuck with a plan so the whole thing sort of feels like I am winging it.

The swim is even more of a hail mary but seems a little better lately.

I could have trained more.

I could have raced less.

I could have tapered better.

I think the run is going to be hot.

I've got about 12 hours to come up with my nutrition strategy. Hmmm?

But the time is here, and there is no time like the present to suck it up and give it my all.

I'm off to packet pickup.


B Bop said...

Good luck! You're going to do great. (hint: slow swimmers can still be fast triathletes ;-)

Eric said...

It is better to be undertrained than over trained.

Make sure you stop at the bike aid station when heading out for your second loop on the bike. I'll be there to personally take care of you.

Papa Louie said...

Think of this being a big lesson in life to learn. I'm sure you will learn a lot. Have a good time and you'll do fine.

Charlie said...

Have a great race. See you at the finish line.

Michele said...

Good luck, hope it is going well. look foward to you race report